2021 IRTS Summer Fellowship program banner (left-aligned)

The 2021 application has closed.

  • Paid, remote internship at a media company
  • Comprehensive orientation to the media industry
  • Mentoring and unparalleled access to the IRTS network



The highly competitive IRTS Summer Fellowship Program has played a key role in launching the careers of top media professionals for 50 years. The Summer Fellowship is IRTS Foundation’s cornerstone program, integral to our mission of providing access and education to diverse, aspiring young media professionals from across the country.

Throughout the 9-week Fellowship Program, accepted applicants will learn industry insights from top executives, mid-level managers at some of our industry’s most dynamic companies, and media professionals only a few years removed from Fellows’ current experiences.

Each Fellow will complete an internship or project in tandem with the IRTS Fellowship, and will receive 1-on-1 professional development opportunities with the IRTS Team.

Most importantly, 2021 Fellows will have unparalleled access to the IRTS network, an incredibly supportive community of peers spanning more than five decades of Summer Fellowship alumni.

This year, the Fellowship will be virtual in order to allow students to participate in the opportunity, despite the pandemic.


  • Fellows will gain a comprehensive view of the media industry through dozens of exclusive meetings with IRTS’s vast network of alumni, Board Directors, and other top media professionals.
  • Fellows will gain insight into how large companies operate, how to navigate those organizations, and how to identify the types of people & opportunities best suited to launch their careers.
  • Fellows will enhance their networking skills through numerous informational interviews with industry professionals.
  • Fellows will learn proper correspondence, portfolio and resume best practices, and many more professional skills through 1-on-1 meetings, all while exploring their career interests and learning about career opportunities they may not have previously known existed.
  • What sets IRTS apart, year after year, is its supportive, diverse community. IRTS will help 2021 Fellows build their own community of peers, while also engaging with the broader IRTS network.
  • Fellows will invest time not only in their own futures, but also in those of their peers. In getting to know one another, the Fellows will create a supportive and fun community over the course of the program.
  • Each Fellow will be assigned a paid internship at a media company and participate in group projects. Placements will be determined throughout the final selection period, in Spring of 2021.


Accomplished students from all majors, including advertising, business, communications, data science, information technology, journalism, math, production, public relations, etc., are encouraged to apply! Students must be current junior, senior, or graduate school students to apply.

Students are ineligible to apply if they graduated prior to April 2021.


All applicants must demonstrate a sincere interest in pursuing a career in the media industry, either through on-campus or internship experience, personal projects and work, or through their application essays.

The 2021 IRTS Summer Fellowship Program will be held virtually, similar to the 2020 IRTS Future Media Leader Accelerator Series (pictured)


In the Summer Fellowship Program’s 50 years of history, IRTS is very proud to have provided once in a lifetime experiences for hundreds of young professionals! Once a member of the program, our IRTS Summer Fellows create lifelong connections with their peers and the media industry as a whole.



“No dream is impossible with the help/push that IRTS gives its Fellows. It’s truly everything you need to become what you want and take control of your future career."

LINDSEY GRANGER, 2009 Fellow and current Host, "Daily Blast LIVE"

"Without a doubt, the IRTS Summer Fellowship is one of the most prestigious opportunities available for future communications leaders. It provides resources and nurtures your talent as you develop into an engaged and active participant in the media industry. It is a veritable media boot camp, where you’re treated nonstop to nearly every facet of the industry.”

DANIEL HAACK, 2009 Fellow, Author, and current Creative Executive (Kids) for MTP, Inc., at Google, Youtube

"The IRTS Summer Fellowship Program is an opportunity to build a solid launching pad for your career. If you go about it the right way, you will complete the program with valuable hands-on work experience and a wealth of contacts that are genuinely interested in your personal and professional development."

ARNELL DAVIS, 2010 Fellow and current Marketing Lead, Consumer Products at Netflix

"That summer changed my life. The Fellowship is intense…be prepared to see every aspect of media at their highest levels. I would literally not be anywhere close to where I am now had it not been for IRTS - my life is forever changed."

KEITH KROPSKI, 2011 Fellow and current Team Lead at 10up

"The Fellowship takes the brightest and most promising students in media from across the country and places them right in the heart of the industry. It’s an all-encompassing immersion in the state of media today and all of the opportunities available in it. It’s the experience of a lifetime.”

GENIE ALFONZO, 2011 Fellow and current Product Marketing Manager at Instagram

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