2017 IRTS Summer Fellow Ariana Yaptangco with her sponsor, Betsy Frank, at the 2017 IRTS Newsmaker Breakfast

The IRTS City College of New York Fellow Sponsored by Betsy Frank

IRTS is thrilled to name this Fellowship in honor of Betsy Frank, a titan of the media research field and longtime member of the IRTS Board of Directors. Betsy, embodies all of the characteristics we hope to imbue our Summer Fellows with: creativity, kindness, tenacity, and more. A firm believer in giving back to where you came from and following your curiosity, Betsy sponsors this Fellowship in the hopes of providing a City College of New York student with the opportunity to chase their ideas and explore all the possibilities the media industry has to offer.

Michelle Nwokedi, a 2017 IRTS Summer Fellow, with her sponsor, IRTS Board Member Bruce Lefkowitz

The IRTS University of Pennsylvania Fellow Sponsored by Bruce Lefkowitz

IRTS is thrilled to announce Bruce Lefkowitz will be sponsoring an IRTS Summer Fellow in honor of mentors. To date, Bruce has named his sponsored Fellowship in honor Michael Brochstein, Joe Cohen, Lou LaTorre, and David Levy, all of whom have been mentors to Bruce throughout his career. In addition to being an ad sales powerhouse as the current EVP of Ad Sales at Fox Networks Group, longtime member of the IRTS Board of Directors, and basketball legend at the University of Pennsylvania, Bruce is also a champion of mentorship within the industry.

2016 IRTS Summer Fellow Braxton Jones and his sponsor, Rajah Maples

The IRTS Summer Fellow Sponsored by Rajah Maples

IRTS is thrilled to name this Fellowship in honor of Rajah Maples, a 1997 graduate of the IRTS Summer Fellowship Program and current member of the IRTS Board of Directors. Rajah, a former Fellow herself, embodies characteristics we hope to imbue our Summer Fellows with; dedication, generosity and mentorship, to name but a few. A firm believer in giving back to where you came from, Rajah sponsors this Fellowship in the hopes of providing a student with the same life changing opportunity she experienced during her IRTS Summer Fellowship.

4 Generations of Scott Herman Fellows

The IRTS Brooklyn College Fellow Sponsored by Scott Herman

IRTS is delighted to name this Fellowship in honor of Scott Herman, whose experience in the radio broadcast industry is rivaled only by his longtime involvement with IRTS. A benevolent behemoth, Scott sets an example for others; he leads with humanity, kindness, and most importantly, Scott leads through example. A strong advocate of giving back to your community, Scott sponsors this Fellowship in the hopes of providing opportunity to young professionals as well as encouraging senior industry members to mentor the next generation.

Jackson Kurtz, inaugural recipient of the Leibner-Cooper Fellowship, standing with Crystal Johns and Richard Leibner at United Talent Agency

The IRTS Leibner Cooper Fellow Sponsored by The Leibner Cooper Family Foundation

Carole Cooper and Richard Leibner have nurtured and advanced the careers of many of the leading journalists of our time, and have made a generous gift of $100,000 from the Leibner Cooper Family Foundation to the IRTS Foundation. Richard Leibner and Carole Cooper’s devotion to media education, the field of journalism, and diversity will now include sponsoring a Fellow for the IRTS Summer Fellowship Program. The IRTS Leibner Cooper Summer Fellow​ is selected through a national college competition open to multicultural students studying journalism.

3 generations of Helen Karas Fellows

The IRTS Helen Karas Memorial Fellow Sponsored by Dan Karas and Rick Sirvaitis

IRTS is honored to name this Fellowship in memory of Helen Karas, who, in a media career that spanned nearly three decades, epitomized our mission of building future leaders through mentorship and professional example. Without having to be encouraged or incentivized, Helen effortlessly assumed the role of mentor to individuals who hadn’t yet found their path in the industry, but had crossed hers. Her husband, Dan Karas, along with her former associate at Fox Family Networks, Rick Sirvaitis, sponsor this Fellowship in her memory.

Mark Mackenzie headshot

The IRTSMark Mackenzie Memorial Fellow Sponsored by Friends of Mark Mackenzie

IRTS is very honored to name this Fellowship in memory of Mark Mackenzie, a former investment banker and analyst, who embraced our mission of building future leaders throughout his career. He was highly regarded by peers and clients alike, and was tireless in his willingness to provide advice and support, especially to professionals at earlier stages of their careers. We invite you to help us carry on his legacy of making future dreams come true by supporting IRTS Summer Fellowships for students from his beloved alma mater–University of Texas.
Larry Patrick with 2018 Fellows Justin Crawford (Larry's Fellow) and Danielle Clark

The IRTS University of Tennessee Fellow Sponsored by Larry Patrick

IRTS is thrilled to name this Fellowship in honor of Larry Patrick; a mentor, advocate, and supporter of media professionals everywhere. Larry, a man with a distinguished career in media as well as academia & nonprofit, has spent the last five decades setting an example for all by regularly donating his time and other resources to institutions that invest in the next generation of media professionals. A UT Vol through-and-through, Larry chose to restrict his sponsored Fellowship opportunity to alumni from his alma mater: the University of Tennessee Knoxville.
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Other IRTS Sponsored Fellowships

The Ari Bluman Memorial Summer Fellow spr. by GroupM
The Shobhit Taneja Memorial Summer Fellow spr. by Unilever
The Thom Casadonte Memorial Fellow spr. by Bloomberg
Jason Krebs & Debra O’Connell Sponsorship
The Joanne Mercado Memorial Fellow supported by Nielsen
Two IRTS Summer Fellowships spr. by CBS Television Station Sales
The Thomas S. Murphy Fellow spr. by ABC Television Station Sales
The Perry Sook Fellow spr. by TVB
The College of the Holy Cross Fellow spr. by Crown Media Family Networks
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