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About the IRTS Foundation

The International Radio & Television Society Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization with a membership that ranges from the most accomplished professionals in the media and entertainment business to those who are just beginning their careers. It evolved from an organization founded in 1939 that established a charitable arm in 1964 that grew into the IRTS as it exists today.

Long recognized as the International Radio and Television Society Foundation, we were founded as a common forum for for all aspects of electronic media. In today’s DIGITAL world that also includes Internet, Mobile, Publishing, Advertising and more. As you see from our new logo, we now leverage the historical strength of our call letters, drop the dated longhand, and put the focus on our mission: BUILDING FUTURE MEDIA LEADERS.

We have had a rich history of providing education and dialogue about important communication issues for more than seven decades! Back in the early days, IRTS was one of the few places you would find professionals from competitive sectors of business in a common forum where competitive barriers were dropped in favor of a common cause. Today, that common forum is more important than ever as the lines continue to blur between traditional media business silos in a digital age.

Our Mission: Diversity

The Foundation offers New York City based educational programs that cater to a diverse range of media interests and demographics. Members take pride in belonging to an organization long-applauded for its inspiring work in the academic community, as well as for its dedication to increasing diversity in our business. We are an organization that believes education is a life-long process that is best achieved through first-hand knowledge.

Whether you are a successful business man or woman, an aspiring professional, a college educator, or simply a media enthusiast, we invite you to join IRTS if you have an affinity for the industry that entertains, informs, educates, and serves the American public in a meaningful way. Our members enjoy sharing insight and ideas with colleagues during the season’s numerous events, but–even more importantly–they take pride in knowing that their charitable membership donation will help to ensure the success of our long-applauded academic outreach programs dedicated to building future media leaders and increasing diversity in our business.

The ultimate goal of the IRTS Foundation is to bring together the wisdom of yesterday’s founders, the power of today’s leaders, and the promise of tomorrow’s young professionals.

Thank you to our generous donors!

Support the IRTS Foundation's mission to build future leaders and increase diversity in the media industry!

The International Radio and Television Society Foundation, Inc. is recognized as a tax-exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. All or part of your donation may be tax-deductible as a charitable contribution.

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