2023 IRTS Summer Fellowship Program

Sunday, June 4 – Saturday, August 5

We are back in NYC!

Gain Unparalleled Access and Education to Enhance Your Media Career

The IRTS Summer Fellowship Program is a 9-week all-expense-paid experience that allows participants to gain a comprehensive understanding of the media industry, enhance their professional skills and develop their network, all while interning at a top media company in NYC.

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This year's program will include:

  • Round trip travel to and from NYC. (air, train, or driving mileage reimbursement)
  • Housing at a downtown Manhattan university dormitory in a shared suite setting.
  • A paid full-time internship at a top New York media company that aligns with a student's interests and career goals.
  • A comprehensive Orientation Week where Fellows have the rare opportunity to gain unparalleled access to a stellar line up of leaders while visiting numerous companies. 
  • Weekly events including panel discussions, company visits, professional development and speaker sessions.
  • Mentoring and access to the vast IRTS network.
  • Extensive career counseling and networking opportunities to ensure that each student makes the most of this New York experience!

Interested in joining this incredible program?
DEADLINE EXTENDED to Sunday, January 29 at 11:59pm EST.

A program that has played a key role in launching the careers of top media professionals for 50 years.

Highly praised throughout the media industry, the IRTS Foundation’s Summer Fellowship Program has provided unparalleled access and education to diverse, aspiring media professionals from across the country.

In addition to their internships, Fellows gain industry insights through weekly meetings with professionals from top networks, agencies, station groups, tech firms, social strategy companies, and much more! Many of these speakers are alumni of this very program - successful role models eager to welcome Fellows into the IRTS Family.

The knowledge that is gained through our program gives IRTS Summer Fellows a unique, competitive edge as they launch their careers.

2023 Fellows on Stage


  • Accomplished students from all majors, including advertising, business, communications, data science, information technology, journalism, math, production, public relations, etc., are encouraged to apply!
  • Students must be a current junior, senior, or grad student who has not graduated before April 2023.
  • A sincere interest in pursuing a career in media is required.  Applicants should showcase their passion through on-campus activities, internship/work experience, and/or school and personal projects. We highly recommend highlighting this in the application essays as well.

Interested in joining this incredible program?

Applications are due
Sunday, January 29 at 11:59pm EST.

Behind The Experience

The Fellowship will begin with a comprehensive Orientation Week in NYC followed by an 8-week internship placement. Throughout the 8 weeks, Fellows will also come together for a variety of programming including company visits, one-on-one mentorship meetings, professional development, fun engagement activities, and an extensive collection of speaker sessions. Did we mention that IRTS provides housing and travel to and from NYC as well!?

Build Your Network And More

What sets IRTS apart, year after year, is its supportive, diverse community. IRTS will help 2023 Fellows build their own community of peers, while also engaging with the broader IRTS network.


Industry Insights

Fellows will gain insight into how companies operate, how to navigate those organizations, and how to identify the types of people & opportunities best suited to launch their careers.


Professional Development

Fellows will learn business communication skills, resume and interview best practices, and how to set themselves up for success in both group and individual sessions. These meetings encourage Fellows to explore their career interests while learning about new opportunities they may have never thought to pursue.


Community Building

Fellows will invest time not only in their own futures, but also in those of their peers. In getting to know one another, the Fellows will create a supportive and fun community over the course of the program.

Past Fellow Experiences

No dream is impossible with the help/push that IRTS gives its Fellows. It’s truly everything you need to become what you want and take control of your future career.

Lindsey Granger
2009 Fellow and current Host, “Daily Blast LIVE”

The IRTS Summer Fellowship Program is an opportunity to build a solid launching pad for your career. If you go about it the right way, you will complete the program with valuable hands-on work experience and a wealth of contacts that are genuinely interested in your personal and professional development.

Arnell Davis
2010 Fellow and current Marketing Lead, Consumer Products at Netflix

Without a doubt, the IRTS Summer Fellowship is one of the most prestigious opportunities available for future communications leaders. It provides resources and nurtures your talent as you develop into an engaged and active participant in the media industry. It is a veritable media boot camp, where you’re treated nonstop to nearly every facet of the industry.

Daniel Haack
2009 Fellow, Author, and current Creative Executive (Kids) for MTP, Inc., at Google, Youtube

That summer changed my life. The Fellowship is intense… be prepared to see every aspect of media at their highest levels. I would literally not be anywhere close to where I am now had it not been for IRTS - my life is forever changed.

Keith Kropski
2011 Fellow and current Team Lead at 10up

We are incredibly proud of our Fellowship alumni. Former Fellows have developed careers in every aspect of media and many have taken the lead in directing our industry to new heights. Meet a few of our alums who are doing just that today.

Interested in where Fellows have interned in the past?
Click HERE.


Danielle Brooks, 2016
Manager, Digital Content
FOX Corporation

2018 Newsletter Profile

What was your first thought when arriving in NYC for the fellowship?
When I arrived in NYC, I imagined something comparable to how cast on The Real World must feel. I was about to spend the entire summer with strangers. I knew that I would have a ton of fun, but I also knew that my world would never be the same again. I knew that the journey would truly be life-changing, and I was right.

What does it mean to be a Fellow?
Being a fellow means that you are a go-getter, an overachiever, and a leader. Moving from a small media market to one of the largest in the world was very intimidating. IRTS gave me a greater sense of confidence. Before the fellows arrived, the organization's leaders and alumni saw light and promise in each fellow. Each person I encountered was excited about my future. I remember reaching out to TJ Bowden during the application process for the class of 2016. We had never met before, but his excitement for me was like the excitement one would have for a family member graduating from college. He assured me that the experience would change my life, and it did.
The IRTS impact now is even greater. The level of support we have for one another is unmatched. I have not witnessed a network as strong and as powerful as this one. Industry professionals have so much respect for the IRTS network. Yet, IRTS extends beyond the media industry. It is a professional resource as much as it is a personal resource. Because of IRTS, I have amazing friends who work at amazing companies in NYC and beyond. I met one of my closest friends in IRTS, and I will be in her wedding later this summer. Since the final day of the nine-week fellowship program, I have come to learn that being a fellow transcends nine weeks. The people, the memories, and the industry all mean much more to me than I could have imagined.

Describe your first few years in the industry:
I worked at Disney ABC Television Group. I enjoyed hosting events for clients. I had the opportunity to be a part of so many cool opportunities such as assisting with casting for the Bachelor, assisting guests at ABC's 2017 upfront party and hosting clients at the GMA studio in Times Square for ABC's annual New Year's Eve party. The leaders at DATG made work exciting for clients and talent.
Apart from hosting glamorous parties, I had an opportunity to serve many communities through Disney's VoluntEARs program and to work with several non-profit organizations in New York. One of the most memorable experiences was participating in Disney's partnership with KaBOOM! We helped the organization build a playground in the Bronx for young children. Helping that community brought so much joy.

What's a book you think everyone should read?
Outliers: the Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell

Advice in one sentence:
Never stop learning.


Derek Wan, 2001
Director, Nonfiction Original Series

2018 Newsletter Profile

Advice in one sentence:
The most instrumental people in your career may be the Fellows in your class.

Describe the Fellowship experience:
This is the summer to find your focus. The fellowship provides you the opportunity to explore every facet of the industry. In addition to the folks you meet at your internship, you will have access to a database of industry professionals who will give you advice, share their stories, and support you. Find time to connect with former fellows and others to learn about all the various positions out there. I landed at a cable network as a Production Assistant for my first job...I had offers in product placement, film production, and sales before I accepted the PA gig. I knew that TV production was where I wanted to be based on 30 informational interviews I did during my fellowship with experts in every field. The one question that I always asked in each informational was – What does your day-to-day look like? From there, it helped me rule out what I didn't want to do and helped me solidify and focus on what I was most passionate about. To this very day, I believe that having a clearly defined focus has been instrumental to my career.

Remember that time when…
Joyce shared insights on how to tango with giants. During our Orientation Week, IRTS' very own Joyce Tudryn gave a presentation titled, "Choreographing Your Career: How to Tap the Right Sources, Tango with Giants, and Waltz into a Job." Even though I didn't know what it meant at first, it was the single most impactful presentation of the summer. Once you identify your passion, the right amount of patience and persistence while networking will help you land the meaningful position that truly brings you joy. Get ready to tango!

Favorite thing about your current position?
The culture. You can find the Netflix culture deck online. If you have a moment to read it, you’ll know why.

What's something the next class should do while in NYC this summer?
If you have an opportunity, go to a Mets game as a group. Whether or not you are a baseball fan, it's a fun excursion...figure out how to get there, enjoy one of America's pastimes, and belt out "Take Me Out to the Ball Game!" It's a bonding experience I will never forget with my class.


Omar Wilson, 2016
Sports Partnerships

2018 Newsletter Profile

Describe the Fellowship experience:
IRTS exposes young professionals to a vast array of opportunities within media that expand one's perspective on career options. From company visits to informational interviews; IRTS demystifies the barriers of entering the media industry while also providing students with the self-confidence to go out and achieve it.

What was your first thought when arriving in NYC for the fellowship?
I remember being so excited about spending nine weeks in New York and really taking advantage of the city, and the opportunity with IRTS. I had previously completed an internship in NYC, back in 2014, but due to cost, I had to commute from New Jersey. With the IRTS fellowship, I was proud to be able to get a taste of what it would be like being a New Yorker, and building relationships with my peers, who were also interested in working in media.

Favorite thing about your current position:
Working with my favorite sports brands on their Digital Marketing campaigns! Within my role, I act as an Advertising Consultant to sports teams and leagues across the NBA, MLS, NFL, and USTA, to name a few. By building relationships across each client's organization, I educate and train their marketing departments on Facebook's suite of advertising solutions while also leveraging industry trends to help them achieve their business goals.

What's something interesting you're working on?
Helping create a new Facebook program to provide 70+ Minority small business owners education and skills to level-up their digital marketing efforts through Facebook Advertising.

What's a book you think everyone should read?
Expect to Win: 10 Proven Strategies for Thriving in the Workplace by Carla A. Harris

2022 IRTS Summer Fellows

Sierra Addams, NYU Media Ecology Fellow
New York University
Sponsored by Jack Myers

Ali Alkaabi, Summer Fellow
The University of Texas at Austin
Disney Ad Sales
Sponsored by Disney Ad Sales

Taylor Anthony, Summer Fellow
Florida International University
Disney Ad Sales
Sponsored by Leibner Cooper Family Foundation

Jada Atwood, S.I. Newhouse School at Syracuse University Fellow
Syracuse University
Sponsored by MediaVillage

Billaé Blanding, Summer Fellow
Georgia State University
FOX Ad Sales
Sponsored by FOX Ad Sales

Trisha Lea Bodiongan, Summer Fellow
The University of Texas at Austin
Katz Radio Group
Sponsored by Katz Media Group

Jordan Bonaparte, Summer Fellow
Syracuse University
Omnicom Media Group
Sponsored by Omnicom Media Group

Maximillian Boudreaux, Summer Fellow
University of Michigan
Sponsored by Rajah Maples

Corey Caesar, Summer Fellow
Brooklyn College
The Trade Desk
Sponsored by The Trade Desk

Mia Campbell, Summer Fellow
Oral Roberts University
FOX Ad Sales
Sponsored by FOX Ad Sales

Alejandrina Carpio, Summer Fellow
Hunter College
Sponsored by Derek Wan

Gabriela Centeno, Brooklyn College Fellow
Brooklyn College
Sponsored by Scott Herman

Christy Dambleu, Helen Karas Memorial Fellow
Stony Brook University
NBCU Ad Sales
Sponsored by Dan Karas

Luis Dewendt, Summer Fellow
University of Georgia
Sony Pictures Television
Sponsored by Sony Pictures Television

Kayla Dixon, Legacy Fellow
Marist College
Sponsored by IRTS Community

Nicholas Djossou, Summer Fellow
U. of Maryland, Baltimore County
RCS Sound Software
Sponsored by Media Monitors

David Elorreaga, Summer Fellow
The University of Texas at Austin
Disney Ad Sales
Sponsored by Disney Ad Sales

Vanessa Estrada, City College of New York Fellow
The City College of New York
Sponsored by Betsy Frank

Tristan Haley, Summer Fellow
West Virginia University
Streamlined Media & Communications
Sponsored by Brian Norris & sean Robertson

Valerie Hanna, Summer Fellow
University of Pennsylvania
Sponsored by Bruce Lefkowitz

Taylor Hensley, University of Tennessee Knoxville Fellow
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Katz Media Group
Sponsored by Larry Patrick

Inés Herrera, Summer Fellow
Georgia State University
iNvolved Media
Sponsored by Active International

Terricka Jackson, Summer Fellow
University of Miami School of Law
Sponsored by Jo Ann Ross

Junys Javier, Summer Fellow
Fairleigh Dickinson University
TelevisaUnivision Ad Sales
Sponsored by TelevisaUnivision

Chancellor Kennedy, Summer Fellow
North Carolina Central University
The Weather Channel
Sponsored by The Weather Group

Noah Kim, Summer Fellow
University of Southern California
Sponsored by Jason Krebs & Debra Oconnell

Valerie Lambo, Summer Fellow
Georgia State University
Disney Ad Sales
Sponsored by Disney Ad Sales

Sharon Li, Summer Fellow
New York University
Disney Ad Sales
Sponsored by Disney Ad Sales

Michelle Liang, Summer Fellow
Baruch College
Disney Ad Sales
Sponsored by Disney Ad Sales

Tamar Lilienthal, Summer Fellow
University of Pennsylvania
Paramount – Nick News
Sponsored by Nathan & Christina Murphy

Javana Mattis, Summer Fellow
College of Staten Island
NBCU Ad Sales
Sponsored by NBCUniversal Ad Sales

Sofia Moghadaszadeh-Ahrabi, Summer Fellow
Virginia Commonwealth University
Prohaska Consulting
Sponsored by Prohaska Consulting

Madeline Moore, TVB Debra OConnell Fellow
Illinois State University
Sponsored by TVB

Aida Niang, Summer Fellow
Ithaca College
AMC Networks Ad Sales
Sponsored by AMC Networks Ad Sales

Hanya Noussier, Summer Fellow
Florida State University
Broadbeam Media
Sponsored by Active International

Jennifer Quiroz Octaviano, Summer Fellow
The University of Texas at Austin
Horizon Media
Sponsored by Alex Gerster

Darlesa Richardson, Summer Fellow
University of Florida
Omnicom Media Group
Sponsored by Omnicom Media Group

Jaliah Robinson, AdvancingDiversity.org HBCU Fellow
Claflin University
Sponsored by MediaVillage

Gabriela Smith, Joanne Mercado Memorial Fellow
The University of Texas at Austin
Sponsored by Nielsen

Mia Ransom Yance, Summer Fellow
University of Massachusetts, Amherst
UP Entertainment
Sponsored by Lisa Fischer

IRTS Summer Fellowship Program

Ready to jump start your career in media?

You can be a part of this incredible program. Applications are due Sunday, January 29 at 11:59pm EST.

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