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2022 Program

Dates to be announced.

In an effort to bridge the gap that can sometimes exist between classroom and industry, IRTS provides an annual opportunity for university educators to meet with senior media and entertainment executives.

The media landscape offers more tools and platforms to reach consumers than ever before, and so the next generation of professionals —armed with foundational industry knowledge— must have a comprehensive understanding of how to help their employers harness the full potential of this increasingly complex environment.

The 2022 Faculty Industry Seminar will provide professors with…

…insight on both legacy and digital media companies’ evolving approach to a rapidly changing industry
…knowledge of emerging career paths within media to share with their students
…advice on how to best prepare and advise the next generation of media professionals
…key takeaways & supplemental materials following presentations

Professor Selection:

IRTS wants to invest in those who are most passionate about teaching the next generation of professionals, as well as those who can best apply their knowledge to curriculum or the academic community at large. Today’s digital universe requires a wide range of skills.

Professors and educational staff from all departments are encouraged to apply.

While our program has historically attracted faculty from marketing, advertising, and all communication disciplines, we are also eager to include professors of liberal arts, business, mathematics, statistics, information technology, and computer science! There is high demand in our industry for students from a multitude of disciplines, but they tend to lack awareness of where opportunity exists in our rapidly evolving business.

Quote from 2011 IRTS Summer Fellow Nicole Velez with updated title
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