IRTS Multicultural Career Workshop

Dates for the 2019 Workshop have yet to be announced!

Please return in early Fall 2019 to apply.

Attendees will be selected on a rolling basis, we encourage you to apply early!

Now in its 35th year, the IRTS Multicultural Career Workshop is a two-day conference that continues to be singled out by human resource professionals as one of the best places to find skilled students and recent graduates of color for job and internship opportunities. Attendees will learn about opportunities in digital media, creative production, advertising, research, sales and marketing, while attending a full day of seminars during the Workshop’s first day. Students will then have the chance to meet with human resource professionals from major media companies during the Workshop’s career fair on day two.

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Quote from IRTS Multicultural Workshop alumna Karen Damoah
Quote from IRTS Multicultural Workshop alumna Nandi Howard

The 2019 Multicultural Career Workshop will take place in New York City.


Applicants must be college juniors, seniors, graduate students and recent graduates at the time of application. You need not be a communications major, however IRTS seeks applicants who have demonstrated the skills necessary to succeed in a corporate environment, and/or have an interest in communications through experience and extra-curricular activities. Accomplished students from all majors (including math, computer science, business, marketing, digital media, communications, etc.) are encouraged to apply. Corporations have a wide range of departments  (research, programming, production, news, public relations, sales, marketing, accounting, legal affairs, and creative services), therefore they seek applicants from many different disciplines.



Conferees attend a comprehensive orientation to the media business featuring in-depth  panel discussions, as well as opportunities to network with peers and professionals. Since media is an ever-evolving and multifaceted field, Day 1 panel topics are designed to introduce attendees to the various positions and opportunities within the industry. Attendees are encouraged to engage in conversation with our industry professionals, who are always enthusiastic about connecting with IRTS program attendees. The first day of the IRTS Multicultural Workshop Program sets the tone for many conferees’ professional goals moving forward.
See Selection of Panel Discussions

“Executive Leadership: Meet the IRTS Board of Directors”
“Explore Business Careers In Media”
“Creating Content: News, Entertainment, & Production Careers”
“Making the Right Impression: Advice from Human Resources”
“Getting Started: Advice from Junior Professionals”



Attendees meet with Human Resource professionals from more than 25 major communications companies.
See Selection of Partner Companies



  • Participants attend Workshop events free of charge.
  • Continental Breakfast and lunch will be provided.
  • Students who are accepted are required to attend both days of the program.
  • All students will be responsible for their own travel to and from the Workshop.*
*Students traveling from a distance may apply separately for underwritten accommodations.


The 2019 application is not yet available! –

Please return in early Fall 2019 to apply

Conferees will be selected on a rolling basis, we encourage you to apply early!

Jordan Vazquez

Headshot of 2017 Multicultural Career Workshop participant, Jordan Vazquez

“My most important takeaway from the IRTS Conference was that a career path is a marathon, not a race. I was a Graduate student and nervous that my career plans had not yet panned out. After receiving realistic advice and industry insight – I realized I may be late but my train is always on schedule.”

Jordan Vazquez
Direct Response

Justin Crawford*

Headshot of 2017 Multicultural Career Workshop participant, Justin Crawford

“The IRTS Multicultural Career Workshop was an amazing way to kick-off my early career in the media industry – the amount of knowledge, motivation, and encouragement that came from the two days was priceless. I have dreamed of entering this field and because of IRTS, I can see my dreams coming true!”

Justin Crawford
Digital Media Associate
Cox Media Group

Imelda Burgan*

Headshot of 2015 Multicultural Career Workshop participant, Imelda Burgan. Imelda was also a 2017 IRTS Summer Fellow

“The IRTS’s Multicultural Career Workshop is an unparalleled networking event that truly focuses on fostering diversity and inclusion in media the media industry. It put me on the fast track to making my dreams a reality and allowed me to a develop a tight knit community of like-minded future leaders. “

Imelda Burgan
Social Video Strategist
Fullscreen Media

Tristin Marshall

Headshot of 2015 Multicultural Career Workshop participant, Tristin Marshall

“I have never been in a space where so many people wanted you to succeed. It never felt like we were competing, but rather a place where everyone wanted to help one another. It helped to foster relationships that could last a lifetime!”

Tristin Marshall
Senior Coordinator, Digital Strategy & Business Development
Capitol Records

Titi Naomi Tukes*

Headshot of 2015 Multicultural Career Workshop participant, Timothy Tukes. Timothy was also a 2016 IRTS Summer Fellow

“My decision to attend the Multicultural Career Workshop changed my life. The experience showed me just how powerful, resourceful, and willing I truly am. I am confident it will do the same if not more for others who desire it so.”

Titi Naomi Tukes
Consulting Analyst

Senait Gebregiorgis

Headshot of 2015 Multicultural Career Workshop participant, Senait Gebregeorgis

“There’s nothing like bringing together big media companies all in one room and having the opportunity to meet with each of them. Having those face-to-face conversations is an opportunity you can find no place else!”

Senait Gebregiorgis
Television News Reporter
ABC Louisville, KY WHAS-TV

Nandi Howard

Headshot of 2015 Multicultural Career Workshop participant, Nandi Howard

“I risked 3 days at my job and missing my best friends birthday… but it was so worth it! This workshop made me realize that being a minority in the Media industry is not out of reach. I am forever grateful for this experience!”

Nandi Howard
Talent Acquisition – Technical Recruiter

Micah Minter*

Headshot of 2015 Multicultural Career Workshop participant, Micah Minter. Micah was also a 2016 IRTS Summer Fellow

“I dreamed of reaching my goals. I planned to reach my goals. IRTS showed me how to reach my goals; the IRTS Conference was the best 48 hour investment I’ve ever made!”

Micah Minter

Acount Service Representative
Turner Entertainment

Malik Johnson*

Headshot of 2015 Multicultural Career Workshop participant, Malik Johnson. Malik was also a 2016 IRTS Summer Fellow

“The IRTS Multicultural Career workshop was essential in my growth and development as a future media leader. The lessons learned and connections made, both personally and professionally, last long beyond the conference.”

Malik Johnson
Executive Assistant

*Upon completion of IRTS Multicultural Career Workshop, this individual was also selected to participate in the IRTS Summer Fellowship Program and/or IRTS Broadcast Sales Associate Program

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